This is a blog about home. This is not a blog about a house though. There’s a difference.

A house is where you live: four walls, a roof, and floor.

A home is how you live: flowers on the nightstand, dog-eared books on the coffee table, secret stash of chocolate in the freezer, a dinner table decorated in laughter (and god willing, plenty of alcohol). It’s the million little minutiae that make up your day. It’s true what they say, we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff; we should celebrate them instead.

I spent a lot of time in my life refusing to celebrate anything at home for fear it’d be a complete disaster. What if no one came? What if they made fun of our house? What if I drank all the wine before people even showed up? (The most likely scenario). Then I married the world’s most social man. My days of hiding out were over. I decided it was time to put my control freak tendencies and overzealous shopping habits to good use and so began my love affair with our home, with our life.

In many social circles, it’s considered fairly gauche to profess love for your own life; humble-bragging and self-depreciation often have a better effect. That seems a little silly to me. We only get one chance at it, so why not cultivate the best experience possible?

Enter The Finer Points, my virtual memory box: a collection of the recipes, occasions, experiences, and relationships that make my house a home.  Life is in the details and I plan to remember every one of them. I hope you’ll join me.


Sometimes it’s okay to drink too much champagne and laugh hysterically during a slow song.
That’s what weddings are for, right?

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