Master of the Story – Storyboarding Your Dream – Part 3

When you are creating a business you draw up a business plan or outline to get an overview of the venture. When you are creating a movie or a play or film you create a storyboard to give you a frame by frame picture of the action that will create the results that you are wanting to capture on film. When you are telling the story of your creation it is helpful to create a storyboard, not from the place of what is going to be like but of what it was like when it happened. Remember that the art of Creation through the Mastery of Story deals with not telling a story that is going to happen but rather the telling a story that has already happened. You are relating the future past. Storyboard artists are important contributors in the concept development and planning phase of any artistic production, especially those in film or video where there is a linear storyline.

When you are relaying something that you experienced that has already happened you know all the details and it is easy to relate them, create this story board from the viewpoint of telling something that has already occurred. Know that when you move forward in time to the end of the story and tell what happened to cause that outcome the events that led up to the present are so easy to see.

(Example) When I was living in Port Angeles, Washington and working at my shop there and telling the story of living in Hawaii, the story went like this – When I lived in port Angeles before the summers were even cold. every day I would go to work and dream of being in Hawaii and now I am here, the sound of the surf in the background and the whisper of the wind through the palm trees are the music of my days. I fall asleep at night listening to the wind in the trees and awaken to the chirping of tropical birds. I see the sunrise over the ocean and all is well in my world. Life is wonderful here in Hawaii. I am so happy that I made the decision to move, it was somewhat of a stretch because I wasn’t sure how I would swing it but it magically fell into place and I found just the right place to live and even got a car right away. It was so easy.. Many versions of the story were variations on that theme of what it was like before when I lived in PA before I moved to hawaii and how happy I am to be living in warm wonderful Hawaii.

This was the story I told myself and anyone who would listen while I still lived in port Angeles.. I became so convinced and convincing that people would ask me when I was going back to Hawaii, they just assumed that I was only visiting, my heart and my reality was in Hawaii.. Now All of me is here.

My story board lived mostly in my head, but occasionally i would write it down or so a little sketch. But mostly where I was became more and more the past and where i want to go became the present.

When you storyboard your creation you get the subtleties of the occurrence into place and any dissonance works itself out so that the unfoldment is easy. Also when you create a storyboard you find the places where you have questions and you can answer them, after all this has already happened..

Here’s a little trick – If there is a place where you just can’t seem to figure out how to get around where the details seem a little fuzzy, when you tell the story throw in a little magic.. Say how it all fell together so easily and magically that it was almost unbelievable.

The more you can see the story the more real it becomes to you and all who see you .. You will know you are on track when people start to see you as the story. Before I moved to Hawaii, I began to wear a flower in my hair, sometimes I would comment that it was chilly or that I was feeling a little cool and people would remark that of course I was cold, after all PA was so much cooler than where I was from. I would smile and say “Oh and where do you think I’m from,?” Invariably they would answer, “Your’re from Hawaii arent you?”

Storyboarding your Vision is just another Key to mastering the details of the foundation of the experience of your future past. Telly your story, live your story, Be the life you envision!

Donald Trump of “The Apprentice ” has often been quoted as saying “Plan your work and work your plan”, – I am offering a variation on that theme and saying, “The Future past is now, create the vision and it will (has) unfolded”.

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