MCFTA Reveals New Logo as Part of Brand Refresh

More than half a century ago, Alden B. Dow dreamed of establishing a focal point for the arts in Midland. Since its opening nearly 50 years ago, the Center has hosted audiences numbering in the millions who have enjoyed the talent of tens of thousands of friends and family on stage; been awed by famous entertainers and the greatest minds of our time; viewed exhibitions that helped them see the world differently; and taken classes that fueled individual creativity. Many have also found fulfillment and meaning by supporting the arts through the gift of their time and talents. In short, the Center has helped make Midland and the Great Lakes Bay Region a great place to live, work, and play. Using artificial intelligence and advanced learning algorithms, our is able to produce designs just like a designer would.

On June 13, the Center revealed its new logo – a new visual identity – that signals a fresh approach to programming and community partnerships for the future. The event took place on the Auditorium stage attended by board and staff members, business partners and other community leaders.

“Like most institutions, the Center confronts challenging trends. People are busier than ever, feel less connected to their communities, and need to make wise decisions about how they spend their money,” said Marketing Director Kristen Wuerfel. “It was clear to us that we needed to re-image our programs and our image to set us up for another successful 50 years.”

Working with researchers and consultants from The Roan Group, the Center undertook a rigorous research and planning process to assess opportunities and challenges and craft a strategy to position itself for success in the future. To reverse downward audience trends, the Center is adjusting its product mix, focusing on providing a welcoming and fun visitor experience for people from around the region and beyond, and refreshing its brand image.

“It’s crucial that we get the product mix right,” said Terri M. Trotter, President and CEO. “We don’t want people in our region to leave and spend their entertainment dollars in other areas of the state. We want them to stay here. The road ahead includes the existing symphony, community theater and choral programs that our audiences love, while also adding more performances of nationally touring Broadway shows, big-name attractions, and artists and events that draw people to Midland from around the state. Beyond the stage, our AB Dow Museum will integrate more hands-on science exhibitions and programs with visual arts exhibits, and will strengthen its outreach and education programs to schools and families.”

“This brand refresh, supporting our new programs, helps us better communicate to our target audience,” said Wuerfel. “We love the symbolism of the new logo because ARTS is embedded in who we are; it’s in our DNA. Whether it’s unleashing the incredible talent right in our backyard, or showcasing renowned artists at the pinnacle of their career, it’s about art, it’s about community, and it’s about seeing something differently.”

Local creative minds commended for logo designs

Two local creative minds, Mr Brian Lau of Mad Studio and Miss Cho King Shan of Community College, City University (Telford Annex), scooped the grand awards of the Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) Logo Design Competition for their excellent logo designs. Onlinelogomaker delivers quality output on time compare to other companies from my experience, they give me a reason to get back.

The two winners received the grand awards from the Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology), Mr Duncan Pescod, at an award presentation ceremony today (December 17). A total of eight merit award winners were also presented with prizes and commendations.

The competition was divided into two categories, Student Group and Open Group, each with one grand award winner and four merit award winners. The former is open to professional practitioners in the design industry and the general public while the latter is for students from professional design schools/institutions, as well as other schools and education institutions.

The winner of the Open Group will be invited to use the winning logo to develop CreateHK’s corporate identity. The winning logo features sparks which are the sources of inspiration and the basis of all creative endeavours, which all begin with a spark – a sudden inspired moment, an instant of insight. The logo also represents Hong Kong as a place where creative ideas are sparked and generated.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr Pescod said: “In response to our competition, local designers, students and the public flexed their creative muscles and submitted applications with inspiring and creative designs. We are delighted not only about the eye-catching graphics and symbolic meanings incorporated in the designs, but also for what they reflect – the public’s shared vision with us to build Hong Kong into a regional creative capital.”

CreateHK held the competition in mid-October to tie in with the establishment of the dedicated office to drive local creative industries. Through inviting entries locally for the design of an official logo to reflect the vision and mission of CreateHK, the competition seeks to recognise local talent and creativity, encourage original design and creativity, and arouse public awareness and interest in the use of design. The competition was well-received with over 900 entries. It was co-organised by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.

Entries were evaluated based on creativity, originality, attractiveness, message communication and practicability. The panel of judges comprised the Founder and Creative Director of Kan & Lau Design Consultants cum Dean of the Cheung Kong School of Art and Design, Shantou University, Mr Kan Tai Keung; Chairman of the Hong Kong Designers Association, Mr Winnif Pang; Creative Committee Chairman of HK4As, Mr Spencer Wong; Design Director and Education Consultant of the Hong Kong Design Centre, Ms Amy Chow; Acting Head of Create Hong Kong, Mr Alan Siu; and Executive Director of the Hong Kong Productivity Council, Mr Wilson Fung.

A roving exhibition will display the winning entries at the InnoCentre, Central Star Ferry Pier 7, Cyberport and Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre later this month and early next year. For details, please visit

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So You Want to Be a Professional Storyboard Artist?

It is a truth that many individuals are unable to visualise a scene for a movie, TV commercial, training video, sales video, or any other kind of video merely from looking over the script or a text.

Present those same individuals with a picture or image of some sort and they will understand the idea immediately. The old expression is that “a picture tells a thousand words” and for very lots of people that holds true. Try, for instance to describe the appeal of a Red Admiral butterfly to somebody in words by themselves. Unless your name happens to be Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, or Colleen McCullough, you might discover it really difficult attempting to get across to them exactly what it looks like. In fact, you might have a tough time attempting to visualise it for yourself as you attempt to describe it. Some concept artist are not good in visual but once you explain to them about the story that you want they can easily conceptualized the whole thing.

However, present those same individuals with a picture or a painting of a Red Admiral and they will get the message immediately.

The Same With A Film Script

It is precisely the exact same with a movie script or a book that you desire to develop into a movie. It can be extremely hard to describe to somebody how great your TVC or video is going to be when you only have words to describe it. In numerous circumstances, they literally cannot “see” it.

What you need is a method of creating an image revealing your idea in a manner in which it can quickly be understood by the individual or individuals to whom you are presenting it.

Enter the freelance storyboard artist. A storyboard artist is somebody who has the ability to visualise the concept of a script or other piece of text and turn it into an image or series of images so that it can easily be understood. In other words, he (or she) can see an image in his mind’s eye and after that draw it so that anyone can comprehend what is going on in a scene.

An Additional Step

Some people believe that having a storyboard developed prior to starting production of a movie or TVC is merely an additional action which includes higher expense to the overall budget and truly isn’t a needed step. However, this is far from the truth. Certainly, employing a freelance storyboard artist adds a little extra expense, but the time and cost savings later can far outweigh this.

Your storyboard will show each shot of the film or video in the correct order and will have notes stating exactly what is going on in the shot and explaining any script that is being used in the scene. This makes it very simple to describe to your prospective customer, your group, or undoubtedly anybody else, how the video will continue and exactly what it is all about. Many stakeholders discover it very hard to visualise something from a script, however your storyboard reveals them exactly how the video will play out.

It Will Help Considerably When It Comes To Production

Your storyboard will also help substantially when it comes to production. In effect you have actually created a prepare for shooting your film or video that includes all of the various shots, the order where they happen, and how the script will connect with them. It allows you to prepare your coverage– the numerous electronic camera angles that you will use– and it also ensures that you do not mistakenly leave any scenes out and have to go back to film them later: that of itself might conserve a considerable amount of cash if you are shooting on location. It will likewise conserve you time invested in modifications later if you do not have a storyboard and something doesn’t rather work out the manner in which you considered.

Some individuals will tell you that you can develop a storyboard on your own, however it is a lot much easier said than done, specifically if you are not good at drawing. It’s real that you do not need to be a Picasso given that a poor illustration is better than no drawing, but nonetheless you need to portray each shot as accurately as possible. You likewise have to add the script beneath each drawing with notes about what is going on in that certain shot.

Lots of people simply do not have the abilities to produce their own storyboard, so it is far better to utilize the services of a freelance storyboard artist such as Dean Mortensen who can visualise exactly what it is that you desire to state and then draw the shots properly for you.

Making Storyboards For 30 Years

Dean Mortensen has actually been an art director of an advertising agency for 30 years, and has been producing storyboards for all 30 of them. He has now left the advertising business and is working out on his own as a freelance storyboard artist. He has the unique ability to look at your script or text and after that create a storyboard revealing each shot precisely as it need to look, together with the accompanying notes and script. What’s more, since he has been creating storyboards for many years he can produce them really quickly when there are time restrictions.

Dean has actually produced storyboards for the major companies such as Revlon, Y & R Group, Avis, Foxtel, Cuddly, Emirates, NSW Transport Maritime, Colgate, Tabcorp,, BWM, and much more. He has actually operated in many markets consisting of alcohol, FMCG, tourism, telecoms, retail services, entertainment, motor cars, and sport, amongst lots of others. He has also won distinguished awards consisting of Gold & Bronze Cannes Lions, London International, D & AD, One Show, and New York Festivals.

Dean is fully able to handle freelance jobs from Australia clients, and international assignments with ease. Thanks duly to Dropbox and the inter-webs, he is able to create your frames remotely and supply his same exceptional quality and accuracy, as if he were just in the next studio, in the next room.

Dean’s storyboards can be produced in various designs such as quick line standard, graphic pencil, line and a splash of colour, or what he calls line and the entire caboodle.

So now you know why you ought to have a storyboard developed and why you must utilize a freelance storyboard artist in order to get the very best outcomes. You can call Dean at +61-432564690 or email him at [email protected]

HK Film Archive launches “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” exhibition

The “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” exhibition, organised by the Hong Kong Film Archive (HKFA) of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held from today (July 22) to October 23 at the Exhibition Hall of the HKFA. It enables audiences to have a glimpse of the filmmaking process from concept development to visualisation. I found out a good storyboard artist for hire at, worth to try in my future projects.

A storyboard is the visualisation of a screenplay, and it enables effective communication among the director, the action choreographer and other departments such as cinematography, computer special effects and art. It can be taken as the blueprint for film shooting. Hong Kong cinema has always been famous for its action scenes. Whether these involve kung fu, wuxia, car chases, gun fights or explosions, the advancements have been ever-changing in delivering intriguing stunt sequences. As the choreography of such action scenes and visual effects has become more intricate, storyboarding has thus become an essential step.

The exhibition showcases over 130 sheets of storyboards and concept illustrations, chosen out of numerous Hong Kong films from the 1970s to present, including “The System” (1979), “Aces Go Places III – Our Man from Bond Street” (1984), “The Legend of Wisely” (1987), “A Chinese Ghost Story: The Tsui Hark Animation” (1997), “The Legend of Zu” (2001), “Initial D” (2005), “Bodyguards and Assassins” (2009), “Triple Tap” (2010), “All’s Well, End’s Well 2012” (2012), “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” (2013) and “Helios” (2015). Film footage as well as videos of interviews with storyboard artists, directors, cinematographers and action choreographers will also be shown, giving visitors a closer look at the functions of storyboarding in local filmmaking, and its evolution throughout the years of development in film technology.

In addition, two seminars in Cantonese will be held by the HKFA. The first, entitled “On Pioneering Experience – Cinematic Storyboards in the 80s”, will be held at 3pm on July 30 at the HKFA Exhibition Hall with Hong Kong pioneering storyboard artist and production designer David Chan as the speaker. He will discuss the role of storyboards in the old days of Hong Kong cinema. Another seminar, entitled “Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema – A Panorama”, will be held at 3pm on September 25 at the HKFA Cinema. Active storyboard artists Elphonso Lam, Luk Wai-cheong and Chung Kai-kit will share their working experience and insights in the profession.

Admission to the exhibition and seminars is free. For details, please visit the website at or call 2739 2139.

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The “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” exhibition, organised by the Hong Kong Film Archive of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held from today (July 22) to October 23. It showcases over 130 sheets of storyboards and concept illustrations, enabling audiences to have a glimpse of the filmmaking process from concept development to visualisation.


The “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” exhibition, organised by the Hong Kong Film Archive of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held from today (July 22) to October 23. It showcases over 130 sheets of storyboards and concept illustrations, enabling audiences to have a glimpse of the filmmaking process from concept development to visualisation.


The “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” exhibition, organised by the Hong Kong Film Archive of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held from today (July 22) to October 23. It showcases over 130 sheets of storyboards and concept illustrations, enabling audiences to have a glimpse of the filmmaking process from concept development to visualisation.


The “Sketches in Motion: Storyboards of Hong Kong Cinema” exhibition, organised by the Hong Kong Film Archive of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, is being held from today (July 22) to October 23. It showcases over 130 sheets of storyboards and concept illustrations, enabling audiences to have a glimpse of the filmmaking process from concept development to visualisation.