Some Ideas For Travelers

When you travel, no matter for pleasure or business, it is imperative to do some pre-planning before the trip. The following techniques will help you. Ski Canada enticed me that being in Banff is literally like walking around inside a postcard.

Don’t use public computers in your hotel or any other placing offering internet service for anything that requires your password while you are on vacation. There could be malware that takes your information

Create a packing list of what to pack.

Making travel arrangements well ahead of time will help keep your trip affordable. Despite the many, many different things you can spend money on when you travel, the cheaper they are. You can avoid excessive expenditures during travel by avoiding last minute costs.

If your travel destination requires you to be vaccinated, carry the certificate you get that says you’ve gotten the treatments. If you don’t have the certificate, authorities may quarantine you until they can verify you are telling the truth.

The less you bring with you, the less the chances of having the items stolen or lost.

Join a price watcher. This will notify you to enter your destination and the website alerts you are interested in visiting. When the price drops, the website will send an email to alert you to the price change. The alerts keep you to constantly follow up on such matters.

Taking a trip sometimes causes you desire to bring a little piece of home along with you. Limit yourself to the toiletries that are essential toiletry products. Make a short list of toiletries that you generally use daily and can’t live without. Pack the ones that are most important.

The markup on these small products is disproportionate compared to the amount of space that you save. Try simple folding them to save room and lessen the chance of wrinkles. These minimizing tricks will help you create additional space in a smaller space.

You can find great vistas and unique vegetation in the deserts.

Take a break every few hours when driving with kids.This lets you visit the washroom and get a little bit of the car. Getting a small child out of the car occasionally can also help them avoid motion sickness. It may make the trip longer than you anticipated, but it won’t be as stressful.

If you have a long flight, bring along snacks that you can eat during the trip.

If you want to adjust faster to a different time zone, you should aim to keep yourself awake until around 8pm local time. Though you may be exhausted, it’s best to not go to bed early so you don’t exacerbate jet lag.

Think about various ways to travel. The busing system is not as it used to be. You might find bundle deals from some bus lines to make your planning a cinch.

Some places have great sounding in their walls.A reliable pair of earplugs can filter out the noise and let you relax at night.

Weather can be a huge factor in travelling and should never be underestimated when planning your travel plans. Check forecasts so that you know what the forecast for your destination.

Make use of the E-tracking function that many travel sites have.This will provide you with the easiest way to keep an eye on fares and cheapest methods of travel. You are able to receive email whenever something has dropped the price and is available at a cheaper rate.

If you have a long travel time you should ensure that you give yourself some time to stretch, make sure you get up and stretch your legs every hour. Sitting for too long could cause health problems.

If you can’t find somewhere to exchange your money right away once you reach your destination, exchange some of your money before you leave, then exchanging the rest later on.

Invite friends along on your trip next time. Many travel spots offer discounts to people traveling with large group. You can really save money on anything from dining to airfare simply by getting a group rates. Get in touch with your circles of friends to determine if they are interested.

If you are planning on going out of the country, buy a voltage converter or electrical adapter. If you wait till you get to the airport to purchase one, you will probably pay a lot more than the normal price.

Label all of your cords when you travel. It can be frustrating to have several different cords for your items like cell phone chargers and laptops. Label each cord clearly so you know which device uses which cord. It also help to make a cord list of the cords and the colors that go with them.

Plan and book hotels in ahead of time. Some hotels offer packages including meals and excursions. Decide if this is something you prefer to choose. Also think about the kind of room type you are interested in reserving. For example, light sleepers should avoid rooms near elevators. Ask a lot of questions you have so you can make the right accommodations for your specific needs and wants.

Minimize the amount of clothes pile when you take with you. You need to be easily able to put away a week’s worth of clothes to take with you. If you are going to be gone over a week, plan to wash clothes while you are there instead of packing too much.

Once you travel and plan the trip well, you can have a more comfortable stay at the destination. You will not only reduce anxiety before leaving, you can be comfortable knowing that when you arrive, you have a better grip on your surroundings and what to expect.

How to Protect a Car from Winter Road Treatments

Winter is coming. Many of us have already started switching on the heater immediately after start-up and impatiently waiting for warm air. The season takes a toll on us, no doubt, but it’s equally harsh on our vehicles. Preparing for winter is an important part of car ownership, and as DIYers, we can’t forget about a particular aspect of winter that causes damage: road treatments. New car paint protection process cannot be undo once it is applied.

Since avoiding the roads isn’t much of an option for us, here are some tips on how to protect your car’s exterior from the winter grime.

Why the mess?

State and local road services scatter salt or coal ash on the road in order to promote ice melt and increase grip during slick conditions. That’s great, but both ingredients are terrible for exposed metal parts. Drivers knew this way back in the Ford Model T days and liberally applied used motor oil to the chassis. It somewhat worked for preventing rust but made quite a mess. Used oil coatings are illegal in many places now and today’s solutions are far superior.

Keep it clean

First, it’s easier to keep a clean vehicle rust-free. Wash your ride as often as it needs, especially after driving through salt and ice-melt treatments. Use a high-quality car-wash soap and lint-free towel, being sure to get everything off the paint and out of the wheel wells. If it’s too cold to get out and spray on your own, pay a few bucks and run the vehicle through a touchless-type car wash. It’s cheap, takes only a few minutes, and will do the trick in a pinch.

Wax on

Wax is a great product to have on your paint year round but especially so in winter. Rather than just a UV barrier in the summer, wax acts as an additional layer of protection between your paint and clear coat and the nasty grime on the road. Like a plumber wearing heavy-duty gloves, it’s protection used for a reason. Use a good-quality carnauba wax before the first snowfall and road treatments for the best protection, and reapply every three months or after every car wash.

Knock it off!

If you drive at all during harsh weather conditions, some grit and grime will make it through the above layers of defense and get stuck to your paint. It’s best not to let it sit, as gunk left for days or weeks can start to weaken the clear coat or can scratch the paint when finally cleaned off. A clay bar, a detailing favorite of the show-car crowd, can help out your daily driver. Clay bars are just what they sound like: a bar of clay that is carefully glided over a lubricated painted surface. The clay is gritty at the microscopic level and acts as a deep-cleaning paint treatment, removing any stuck-on particles and even imperfections in the paint. Kits are affordable, simple to use, and provide stunning results.

Be on guard

Every few weeks, take a quick look at your vehicle, watching for any chips in the paint or exposed metal. Most manufacturers offer touch-up paint (here’s how to apply it) in factory colors that covers rock chips and prevents rust. Have a good look at the underside at every oil change and use a rust-eating solution with a properly prepared undercoating spray to prevent damage for years. If you switch to snow tires for the winter, it may be worth investing in powder coating the wheels, which makes them nearly impervious to road grime and corrosion. Just a small investment of time and a few dollars of preventative maintenance will help keep your vehicle clean this winter and potentially save you thousands in maintenance costs or lost depreciation.

Cosmetic Surgery Tips That Can Help You Out

You probably know about the great things cosmetic procedures can do. Some of the celebrities that you enjoy watching may have had some cosmetic surgery. Things are different once you are the one getting plastic surgery. PicoSure laser treatment is the first of a new generation of aesthetic lasers that don’t rely solely on heat to burn or melt away unwanted tattoo ink or melanin, the pigment that causes dark spots in your skin.

Anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery must invest the necessary time and effort in finding out what is involved in recovery periods to gain an understanding of how long they will need to rest post surgery.

Look into your surgeon’s malpractice insurance. You want to get compensated if something going amiss in your procedure.

Research all of the provisions of your surgery to understand what happens if they have a revision policy should something goes wrong. Some surgeons will give you free surgery at no charge up to a year after the procedure was done.

Talk with your doctor; have him break down each component of the final price.You will also need to decide on a payment method, or you can even set up a payment plan. It is important to reach a financial agreement before the work is done.

Blood loss is one of the biggest potential complications patients are exposed to during cosmetic surgery. Bleeding during surgery is a common result, but excessive bleeding is not and can create complications.This bleeding can even happen after the surgery. You may need corrective surgery to repair where the excessive bleeding under the skin.

Learn everything you can about the surgery you want. You need find out as much information as possible prior to discussing it with a surgeon. You will also be more able to spot potential problems or misleading statements.

Respect the advice that your doctor about cosmetic surgeon offers. If a surgeon tells you not to have a particular surgery done, there is usually a good medical reason for it. You should get the opinion of a second surgeon if you disagree with your doctor. Following these steps will help make sure that any surgical procedure you receive is as safe as it can be.

Do not schedule having cosmetic procedures during an emotional time in your life. It will take you tons of energy to recover from the surgery, so the timing of your surgery mentally is important too. Slow recovery time can have a detrimental effect on your emotional health even worse.

When thinking about having cosmetic surgery, find out before hand how much time you need to schedule for recovery. You need to make sure you have prepared adequate rest time in your life. You won’t want to have a big event planned for the day after a surgery!

Don’t let anyone pressure you into something for which you’re not ready. Many types of cosmetic surgery are fairly simple and completed easily. Keep tight control over your ability to make decisions. Don’t ever let anyone rush you into a choice you haven’t given careful consideration to.

Anyone considering a cosmetic surgery procedure should think hard about the effect it may have on their life. It is often wise to postpone surgery until a time when things are going smoothly in their life.

It is essential that you fully understand the recovery period for cosmetic surgery. This period is very important in determining your ultimate results, so you have to follow your doctor’s orders to a T. The time immediately following the surgery have the most important time to follow instructions to the letter.

Never be scared to ask questions about asking questions.

Speak at length with your physician to understand all of the information relating to your procedure.Ask what you need to know, no matter how small or insignificant, and make sure you are satisfied with the answers.You should be more successful procedure if you take these steps to reduce the stress ahead of time.

There are specific things that you need to start doing about 1 month prior to your surgery. One of the things is pain medicine.You really need to avoid these for the first month after surgery.

Before agreeing to anything, consult with a minimum of three surgeons. Ask questions about the procedure and how long you will be healing. Ask about how long it will take until you are fully healed. You should also ask any of the other questions you might have.

You always need to make sure that your body stays hydrated all of the time. This is certainly the case when you are looking at something so invasive procedure.

You need to educate yourself to become a smart surgical consumer long before you go in for a cosmetic surgery procedures prior to going under the knife. Check your surgeon and check for patient reviews or testimonials.

Make sure you plan for your care after the procedure is completed. If you’re planning to have a serious cosmetic surgery, such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty or even having a tummy truck, it is best to have a plan of what you will do after the operation. These are serious surgeries and need to be planned accordingly.

Don’t forget about the financial aspects of different procedures. Be sure to provide for additional contingencies such as the recovery process and any return visits that may be necessary.

There could be extra charges for the facility, facility charges and any related medical supplies. It is better to find a place that includes all in one, as that will probably be most cost effective for you.

Know what your surgeon’s policies if you’re unhappy with the results that you get. Everybody wants perfect results, however it’s always a great idea to be ready for the worst.

A healthy body and mind will make for a more successful cosmetic surgery. Make sure that you’re not considering cosmetic surgery as a result of being depressed or distracted. Sometimes depression or other mental health issues can hurt body image and cause unneeded procedures that are later regretted.

When the cosmetic surgery patient is you, things change. You want to make sure to carefully consider all the issues involved. After reading the tips above, you will be able to better prepare yourself for your surgery.

The World’s Most Extreme Waves – The Americas

“Outracing the exploding lip of a breaking wave is like ski-ing in front of an avalanche” says Sean Collins of SurfLine Surf Forecaster. Surfing app will serve as your newspaper during the competition.

Since the ancient Hawaiians first slid shoreward on their hand-carved Olo boards, riding the biggest wave of the day has continued to be one of surfing’s most revered accomplishments. But while the professional surfing circuit has blossomed over the last two decades, offering millions of dollars in prize money to agile small-wave performers, there has been no regularly-offered reward given to some of the true heroes of our sport -the BIG WAVE CHARGERS.



Maverick’s is a famous big-wave surfing spot off Half Moon Bay south of San Francisco. It is a world-famous surfing location in Northern California. Located approximately one-half mile (0.8 km) from shore in Pillar Point Harbor it is just north of Half Moon Bay at the village of Princeton-By-The-Sea. It occurs after a strong winter storm in the northern Pacific Ocean. Waves can routinely crest at over 25 feet (8m) and top out at over 50 feet (15m). The break is caused by an unusually-shaped underwater rock formation.

Maverick’s is a destination for some of the world’s premier big wave surfers. Very few riders become big wave surfers; and of those, only a select few are willing to risk the hazardous conditions at Maverick’s. An invitation-only contest is held there every winter, depending on wave conditions.

Do you know how Maverkick’s got its name? In early March of 1961, three surfers, Alex Matienzo, Jim Thompson, and Dick Knottmeyer, decided to try the distant waves off Pillar Point. With them was a white-haired German Shepherd named Maverick, owned by a roommate of Matienzo.

Maverick was used to swimming out with his owner, or with Matienzo, while they were out surfing. The trio left Maverick on shore, but he swam out and caught up with them. Finding the conditions too unsafe for the dog, Matienzo paddled back in and tied Maverick to the car bumper, before rejoining the others. The riders had limited success that day, surfing the tail end of the break and generally deeming the conditions too dangerous, but they decided to name the point after Maverick, who seemed to have gotten the most out of the experience. It became known as “Maverick’s Point”, and later simply “Maverick’s”.

Ghost Tree, Monterey Bay, California

This picture was taken in on March 9th 2005 when Ghost Tree went huge and perfect and very very dangerous. At first light, Ghost Tree saw a 17-foot swell approaching from due west at 20-second intervals. Roughly two hours later, Don Curry, the man who named the wave, and his partner Ed Guzman rolled up on the channel just in time to watch a pair of 30-foot wave faces boom over the spot’s infamous boneyard and into Stillwater Cove. The swells continued growing until they were well over 45ft. Surfers were arriving from all over hoping to ride the wave.

It was first surfed in 2005 and sadly claimed a life in 2007. It is supposed to be scarier than Maverick’s and heavier than Waimea and is one of the most dangerous waves in the world. The height of the wave can reach 70ft with an incredibly long tube.

Nelscott Reef, Oregan

Nelscott Reef creates a reef break (where waves spill over to create whitewater) that is known as the only place on the Oregon Coast with the right conditions for tow-in surfing and it is the only spot to consistently produce double overhead waves, thus the event brings in big name surfers. Before 2003 no one had been able to paddle out in this region due to the shallow water and undertow, but it has now become recognised as one of the worlds premier tow in waves and will easily hold 30ft+ waves.


Cortez Bank is a 17-mile underwater mountain range which rises to within 6 feet (2 m) of the surface and is marked by a nearby warning buoy. It was named for the clipper ship Stillwell S. Bishop that struck the rock in 1855 (and with a patched hull made it to San Francisco). This place has been known to ocean-going ships and fishermen for years. The waves there signal danger on the underwater rocks and are so big they show up on radar.

This wave is truly in the middle of the ocean. You have to take a 100 mile boat ride out to it. To get the biggest waves at Cortes Bank, you need light winds, low tides, and big storm swells from the northwest all at the same time. When it happened on January 19, 2001, California big wave riders scrambled to test their skill against the biggest, baddest wave ever ridden. These waves move so fast that surfers can’t catch them by paddling, so you need jet skiers to tow with a rope until they are moving fast enough to catch the wave.

This spot is for worldclass surfers only. It is dangerous.


The Mexican Pipeline, Puerto Escondido

Mexico is home to two of the most powerful waves on earth. Deep down in southern mainland Mexico at Puerto Escondido is a beach break that surfers have coined “The Mexican Pipeline” – a comparison to the surf world’s most famous wave, Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii. The surf is seasonal, varying from small to medium in size during the dry season (November to April), and from small to big during the rainy season (beginning in early May). The change of seasons is dramatic, occurring within the space of a week and bringing with it an equally sudden increase in wave size. An added advantage during this time of year is that the evening session is often accompanied by strong offshore winds which can result in world class conditions.

“Killers” at Todos Santos.

1,700 miles north is a reef break called “Killers”, a huge wave which breaks 9-miles off the coast of Ensenada at Isla Todos Santos where waves can reach heights of 70 feet and over. It was the West Coast’s first legitimate big wave, discovered by the Windansea guys back in the ’60s, and unlike other waves with scary names – “widowmaker”, “dead man’s” or “shark pits”, “Killers” lives up to its reputation. It remains a rite of passage for any aspiring big wave charger this side of Oahu. As with most big waves, a number of factors have to intersect to make it all happen: in this case, the reef points directly into the maw of northwest swells, and is flanked by a serious underwater canyon that focuses long period swell energy down the point — often doubling the size of whatever swell’s out there. It’s a powerful and shifty deepwater wave, complete with weird boils and bumps in the face. It is best in the winter, breaks to the right and the best swells come from the Northwest. The bottom is huge rocks and the hazards are rips, rocks, urchins and skis. The other drawback to this wave is that it blows out early most days.


The North Shore of Oahu is world famous. It is the surfing capital of the world. During the winter season, giant swells generated in the north Pacific produce the most consistently spectacular waves in the world. There are a number of popular surf breaks lining the coast. The most famous are the Banzai Pipeline and Waimea Bay. If there is such a thing as a perfect wave, you’ll likely find it on Oahu’s North Shore. The big, glassy winter waves of this legendary surf mecca attract the best surfers in the world. Stretching for more than 7 miles, the beaches of the North Shore host the world’s premier surfing competitions including the Super Bowl of wave-riding, the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.


From November to February surfers congregate on the North Shore hoping to catch that perfect wave. Winter wave heights can get as high 20 feet, with faces up to 50 feet! This extreme surf is for experts only, and even then conditions are considered highly dangerous. World-renowned surf contests are held here from early November to late December. The Van’s Triple Crown of Surfing, which includes the Reef Hawaiian Pro at Ali’i Beach Park in Hale’iwa; the O’Neill World Cup at Sunset Beach; and the Billabong Pipeline Masters at Ehukai Beach (Banzai Pipeline), brings together the world’s best professional surfers.

The merciless waves of Pipeline break just 50 to 100 yards off the beach over a shallow reef making this one of the most dangerous surf spots in the world.


Waimea Bay is the birthplace of big wave surfing. The Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational, held at Waimea Bay, takes place each winter.

In winter, Waimea and other North Shore locations such as Pipeline and Sunset Beach host a number of surfing contests because of the large waves found here. These waves are created by winter storms in the North Pacific, and their arrival on O’ahu’s North Shore are forecast accurately several days in advance. In summer, Waimea is known for it clear and calm water.

The surf break at Waimea Bay was significant in the development of Big wave surfing. Larger surf at the bay went unridden for years until November 7, 1957 when a handful of surfers finally paddled out and rode the giant waves that break off the northern point of the bay. While the surf only breaks big several times a year, Waimea was the most prestigious big wave surf break in the world for decades. With the advent of tow-in surfing, more and more big wave breaks have been discovered that are far superior in quality than Waimea. However, the bay still holds a significant place even in today’s world of big wave surfing.

PEAHI or “JAWS” – Maui

Peahi, otherwise known as ‘Jaws’, breaks over a perfectly shaped triangle reef. The winter swells that pound the Hawaiian shores come all the way from the Alaskan Aleutian island chain in the far north of the Bering sea. Unimpeded by landfall they march across thousands of miles of uninterrupted ocean hitting the Maui reef about a half mile offshore at Peahi at almost 30kms an hour. The force of these swells produce some truly monster waves in the 40-70 foot range.

The ‘Jaws’ surf break has reached its worldwide fame largely due to the frequent filming and photography of tow-in surfing legends performing there on enormous ocean waves breaking at the deep reef off the shore; famed big wave surfers such as tow-in surfing pioneers (also known as “The Strap Crew”-for the rubber straps on their short surfboards to anchor their feet against the forces): Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Darrick Doerner, Buzzy Kerbox, Brett Little, Rush Randle, Mark Angulo, Mike Waltze, Pete Cabrinha, and Brian Keaulana.

Jaws is famous for its quality. The reef and rocks at Jaws are shaped in a way that magnify incoming swell energy and produce clean and well defined right and left waves with gigantic barreling sections.


PUNTA DE LOBO – south Santiago.

Punta Lobos is a fairly consistent left pointbreak wave, which breaks over sand and rock. It is a huge long powerful wall and will give a ride of 1/4 mile (give or take 500m) without problem. Bicep burn, out of 0-10 = 8! The water is cold and there are heavy rips.

The closest big city is Pichilemu. Punta Lobos is one of South America’s biggest waves.

Santos del Mar

… And finally a cautionary tale for all want to-be environmentalists out there:

“Southern Chile’s newest big wave surf site, Santos del Mar, and its surrounding coastline would be polluted if plans go ahead to construct a proposed US$1.3 billion dollar coal-fired power plant on the coastline of Chile’s 7th Region.

Local surfers and residents are concerned about the environmental degradation that would be caused by burning coal at the facility. Arsenic and lead poisoning of adjacent marine waters and agricultural lands are common from coal burning power plants, and the region surrounding Santos del Mar is remote and rural with plentiful fishing grounds and small-scale agriculture. Furthermore, the proposed cooling towers for the electrical generator would use marine waters via an industrial intake mechanism that is responsible for killing millions of fish and marine mammals per year in similar facilities worldwide”.

To learn more about this and other extreme sports go to

Here we discuss such varying sports as kite surfing, to wingsuit flying.

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Master The Art Of Travel With These Ideas

Travel can turn into a great hobby. You can decide whether you would like to travel in the world with your friends or to another country. There are always be new places to visit. This article will help you with ways to enjoy your trip’s details easier. Canada ski packages offers breathtaking scenery and it is easy to see why more and more return to ski in Canada every year.

Leave any valuable items of value at home.

Be flexible when choosing your vacation destination. While you may have your favorites, being flexible can open you up to new experiences. You can even save money by picking an alternate destination.

If you are driving to a port city before leaving on a cruise, try to find a reasonably priced hotel with included parking and check in the night before. You can check with staff at the hotel administration about potential deals that they offer on parking even if it doesn’t look like any are available.

Make sure you have clothespins with you on your next vacation. They can be a useful item when you go on a trip, but they actually can prove to be very useful.

Try to work in some physical activity before you board the plane. Long flights are found to be hard on your body. Your muscles can easily cramp up after sitting for such a long time period.

Keep travel essentials stored in one place. Don’t spend a lot of time scouring your home for travel essentials for every trip. Buy a bin that will let you store all your travel items. A container that can be hidden under the bed is great for storing many different objects.

A luggage tag on the outside of luggage can easily be ripped off in transit.

A motorcycle is a great transportation for short travels. It can be quite a lot of fun.

You do not want to wake up to the sounds of construction while on vacation.

You never know that the weather has in store for you. A rain coat works as a windbreaker when it’s cold, and even a bathrobe for your hotel stay.

Use environmentally responsible services on your vacation is eco-friendly. A lot of hotels have a program for reusing linens, recycling bins, energy efficient lights, low flow plumbing, alternative sources of energy and so on. Tour companies, restaurants, restaurants and many other travel service providers are also finding and implementing new ways to allow travelers to travel green.

You should get the National Parks Pass if you visit them often. They are only $50 and can be used for a whole year.

Jet lag happens to be a common problem when traveling across time zones. You can’t really do anything about it, but you can start shifting your sleep and wake times before you leave. You should also make an effort to sleep during the flight if possible.

Rental agencies want to try to get you extra insurance; the problem is you may not even need. Vehicle insurance policies often have basic third party liability coverage.

Road trips can get very boring so it is a great reason to plan some activities for the trip. Breaking up your trip can make for some fun during the ride. Provide your children with a copy of stops you plan to make.

Consider using a variety of transportation. The busing system is not as it used to be. You might find bundle deals from some lines that will make your travel planning a cinch.

Bring a spare passport picture with you on your trip abroad. It is not a stolen or lost. Be sure to have a spare picture of important travel documentation just in case the originals are lost or misplaced.You should also carry copies of the paperwork that will be asked for on the passport application.

Make sure the clock radio in your hotel room works properly before you go to sleep. You have no way of knowing what the alarm is not going to go off during the night and wake you up.

Invite friends along on your trip next time. You can get group discounts. You can save a great deal of money with group rate. Speak with the people closest to you and see if anyone would like to accompany you.

These will allow you to connect your computer through the television provided in your hotel room.

Sometimes a broken piece of furniture or a hole in the wall.

Plan your trip and book hotels in advance. Some hotels provide packages including meals and excursions. Decide if this may be something you would like to partake in. Also think about the room you want. For example, if you are a light sleeper, pool or lobby where there can be quite a bit of noise. Ask all of the important questions so you are sure to make the arrangements that work best for you.

Split up any valuable belongings when you travel. Don’t keep all the important papers in one spot. Split up checks, credit card, cash, passports, and tickets into different pockets and bags. If you have one bag lost or even stolen, you’ll still have other items to rely on.

As it was said above, traveling is a great pastime as well as a passion for many people. There are countless destinations you can visit. There are many things to see and do even in the same places. The advice you have read here can make traveling much easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Create Your Own Beautiful Off-Grid, Energy-Efficient Home

If your image of off-grid living is a ramshackle cabin with a wood stove, you should explore the changes new technology has brought to architecture and building systems. Mosquitoes stayed in garbage if not properly disposed by a rubbish removal Northern Beaches Sydney.

Generally, a house is considered to be off-the-grid when it is not connected to public utilities, including electricity, natural gas, sewage systems, and water supply. All of these utilities must be available on-site, but this isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

It’s now easier than ever to build a beautiful, highly efficient home that’s not connected to public utilities, even in urban areas. Read on to learn how.

Run Your Home on Solar Power

There are many ways to power your off-grid home. Improved solar, wind, and geothermal technology have joined the more traditional propane gas and diesel-powered generators as power sources. Not only are these power sources quieter and cleaner, they’re much easier on the environment.

Solar power is the electricity source of choice for most new off-grid installations. This is because solar technology has advanced so much that relatively small solar panel arrays can provide enough electricity for an entire home.

Two examples of beautiful homes run almost completely on solar power are this home off the coast of Maine, and this 1,157-square-foot country retreat in Arkansas.

Consider Built-In Energy Efficiency

While building practices have improved immensely in the last decade or two, buildings are not naturally energy efficient. It takes careful consideration of where to place the home on the site to get the most heating and cooling directly from the home’s natural environment. The choice of building materials, insulation, ventilation and natural lighting also contributes to passively reducing energy consumption.

This house in rural Colorado embodies these choices. The builders analyzed the sun’s path to determine heat gains before siting the home, and they chose window designs and exterior cladding to reduce solar heating. In a cold climate, south-facing windows can let in the sun’s heat but keep out the cold.

Try Rainwater Harvesting

Off-grid water sources include wells and freshwater lakes and rivers, but rainwater collection has made it possible to provide water in the remotest locations. Sewage is usually handled by septic systems, but composting toilets and gray-water systems have even less environmental impact.

Even more than access to power, access to water is probably the most important consideration when building an off-grid home. When groundwater isn’t available, rain could provide all the water a home needs. The StampHouse in Queensland, Australia, won numerous awards in 2014 for its sustainable design, including a water-harvesting system that collects rain from the entire roof area and stores it in a 250,000-liter in-ground tank. The site also has an advanced sewage treatment system to handle waste.

As you can see from these beautiful houses, it is indeed possible to have your dream home in an environmentally sustainable way. Tap into the sustainable builders and utility providers in your area to find out how to create your own off-grid dream home.

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Australia needs to start recycling and reusing its own waste

The waste industry has reached crisis point several months into the Chinese waste ban, and stakeholders want immediate action. If your garbage in the office giving you headache go and find an office rubbish removal Sydney.

The industry is calling for assistance to help it transition to a so-called ‘circular economy’ where waste would be collected, processed and then reused to make new products here in Australia.

Recyclers say if we do not do it recycling rates will drop, causing serious environmental harm as more waste gets dumped in landfill.

Millions of tonnes of waste have been going offshore

The latest available data shows that Australia sent 1.2 million tonnes of waste to China in 2016-2017 — nearly double the previous estimate.

About 30 per cent of Australia’s recyclable waste is exported to China.

Tim Youe, the CEO of Southern Metropolitan Regional Council facility that processes waste in Perth, says it is a short-sighted approach.

“People have been looking for the highest dollar return for the raw commodity and haven’t invested in the infrastructure to [reprocess waste] within the confines of Australia,” he says.

Gayle Sloan, the CEO of the Waste Management Association of Australia, has been pushing for government support to help ramp up onshore waste processing.

She says it will create five times more waste-industry jobs, and benefit the environment.

“We can gear up, but we need to have certainty of market in order to invest because these aren’t small investments. These are millions of dollars of investment in factories and facilities.”

Turning old bottles into new bottles

Tim Youe’s facility in Perth exports everything it collects — paper, cardboard and plastic — to Asian markets including Indonesia and Malaysia.

In fact, most of Western Australia’s yellow bin recycling, except for glass, gets shipped overseas.

“We could be using that material here, reprocess it, value-add to it and use it in new products here,” Mr Youe says.

“For example, you could turn a plastic bottle, say like a Coke bottle, into a PET pellet and make a new Coke bottle out of it.”

PET, or polyethylene terephthalate, is the type of material commonly used to make plastic drink bottles and containers.

Not only is it possible, it is being done.

Australian recycling giant Visy has a local plant that makes plastic bottles from 100 per cent recycled plastic.

Supermarket giant Coles uses recycled plastic bottles for its home-brand bottled water.

They remain the only private label in the country to use 100 per cent recycled plastic bottles.

“Customers have responded really well,” Coles spokeswoman Martine Alpins says.

“We know right now that customers love any way that they can help the environment.”

Last year, Coles sold 233 million of these bottles, saving 3,000 tonnes of new plastic from being created and potentially sent to landfill.

Beverages Council CEO Geoff Parker says his industry is keen to use as much recycled content as possible, but under the right market conditions.

“It’s about the price of that [recycled plastic or recycled PET]. It’s also about the price of virgin PET — that’s the original PET. And that has a number of different factors at play around world oil prices and electricity prices,” he says.

However Mr Parker acknowledges the industry could be doing more.

“I think it’s a case of we’re doing a little and we can certainly always use more,” he said.

More manufacturers need to use recycled material

Federal and state governments have made the use of recycled products voluntary, and Gayle Sloan says while manufacturers trumpet the production of recyclable packaging, the track record on the use of recycled material is less impressive.

“The challenge that we’re finding is that the manufacturers of that food-grade packaging, which is what ends up in the yellow bin, aren’t taking that product back as readily as we want or as much as we want,” she says.

Much of the recycled material used is imported from countries which receive Australian waste.

The same global manufacturer may be using more recycled material in Europe, where there are tougher regulations, than in Australia, where federal and state governments see the use of this material as voluntary.

Many governments do not even mandate the use of recycled materials for their own departments.

Label launched to guide consumers

The recycling industry says consumer awareness will help drive the transformation to the use of more recycled materials.

A clear labelling system is needed to help consumers identify what is recyclable and what is recycled, according to the industry.

“Just putting more product in the bin that is potentially recyclable without any market for it doesn’t help. We actually need a logo that says this is made from recycled content,” Ms Sloan says.

The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) is reviewing its guidelines around the degree of recycled content in packaging. But for now, its labelling program has a different focus.

It has launched a national labelling scheme, the Australasian Recycling Label, aimed at helping consumers better understand which parts of the packaging they buy is recyclable.

APCO CEO Brooke Donnelly says it will also help guide business to make better choices.

“It’s a first in Australia, the ability to be able to evaluate a packaging format in the design phase and make a very conscious choice to create packaging formats that are designed for recycling or reuse,” she says.

Collection costs are rising as the China ban bites

The industry is hurting because prices have collapsed due to China’s decision to ban imports of mixed recycled material.

Those selling directly to China are in danger of going broke.

NSW and Victoria have provided rescue packages to prop up the industry in the short term.

But China’s move has also changed the cost equation.

Many councils which were paid by recyclers for household waste now have to pay to have it collected.

The government support may only last until the end of the financial year.

So some councils will be hit with much higher costs, which means renegotiating collection contracts and passing on those higher charges to ratepayers from July.

“It’s a dollar a week, and to keep recycling going is a great thing,” Ms Sloan says.

With commodity prices plunging by at least 30 per cent in the last 12 months, Mr Youe says the ban had hit his bottom line.

And his worry is that the crisis will damage the public’s confidence in the industry.

“Bad news about recycling tends to lead to people not putting the right thing in the right bin, and I think the encouragement of the householder to continue to recycle is a key message that we need to get out there,” he says.

Calls for a government mandate on recycling

Stakeholders claim the recycling industry’s future is threatened without government involvement.

“I think now is the opportune time for us collectively to pick up the ball and start to do what we probably should have done five to 10 years ago,” Mr Youe says.

He believes governments need to mandate the use of recycled product in their own contracts.

“I think sustainable procurement needs to be embedded in state and federal government policies, and that’s lacking in this space,” he says.

“We don’t have the Federal Government leadership in the same way that we have with the European Union, that set standards and said we are going circular, the same way that China said, we are going circular,” Ms Sloan adds.

“We actually need some regulatory support for it.”

State environment ministers will meet on April 27, and waste is on the agenda.

The True North Shore – Surfing in British Columbia

“Surfing expresses a pure yearning for visceral, physical contact with the natural world.” Surf contest costs depends on your outfit and gears.

Matt Warshaw, Surfer

And if you asked Matt Warshaw, I bet he’d agree… the natural world doesn’t get much more beautiful than Vancouver Island.

Many visitors to the province don’t realize that beyond the big-city lights of Vancouver, past the quaintness of Victoria’s Old Towne, far from the desert hills and placid lakes of the Okanagan… a whole different British Columbia awaits – a rugged stretch of coastline edged by forests and shrouded in mists. A remote, sparsely-inhabited sanctuary where the mighty Pacific Ocean sends wave after wave roaring along miles of sandy beaches – Welcome to Vancouver Island’s West Coast.

But before we talk about the locations, let’s talk about the waves themselves. Any serious surfer will attest to the fact that Canada’s West Coast is blessed by geography. Storms are usually birthed in the Gulf of Alaska, generating waves that lash the BC coast from late September to March. But other swells make longer journeys before finding our green shores. Amazingly, storms off the coast of Japan can create swells that traverse the Pacific just as easily as localized weather systems. Even the extremely distant swells from the Southern Hemisphere would be capable of reaching our shores if it wasn’t for the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, which vetos these before they get anywhere near Vancouver Island. But truthfully, we’re not complaining. Not when we have places like Tofino and Ucluelet. By we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s imagine we’ve found one of the several reasonably-priced ocean outfitters in Victoria, rented our wetsuits, boots and boards and are revving our engines for a Vancouver Island surf-safari…

From Victoria, several locations are a daytrip’s distance away. Nearest and most accessible is Jordan River. Located in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, this surf spot is home to the Jordan River Surf Club – a band of locals who, providing you show consideration and proper beach etiquette, will accept visitors with welcome arms. But here’s the catch: The waves at Jordan River only exist on one tide with specific winds and swell direction. (on average, 3 times per winter) When it’s good here, it’s really good. Just know that a 2 or 3 day trip could leave you disappointed. However, if you time it right, you’ll encounter some of the longest rides on the island. Be sure to rent a longer, wider board for optimum satisfaction in these conditions. Three particular spots at Jordan River are worth exploring: Sewers (nothing to do with anything septic), The Point, and Rock Piles.

Just 30 kilometres northwest of Jordan River lies Sombrio Beach, distinguishable by the massive rock that sits at the base of the tide break (which occasionally pose a hazard to directionally-challenged surfers). The eternal mists that envelope this part of the island give Sombrio a surreal, magical feel – as do the hippie squatters and occasional Hare Krishnas who sporadically inhabit the forested shoreline. Sombrio has similar, although more consistent conditions than Jordan River but the true beauty of these two locations has to be there proximity to both Victoria and Sooke.

However, if you’re looking for the quintessential Vancouver Island surf experience, you need to venture a little further afield. Meet Long Beach – the heavenly 20 kilometre stretch of sand between the West Coast towns of Tofino and Ucluelet, in the middle of Pacific Rim National Park. This is home to a hard-core group of serious surfers but again, don’t be intimidated. Respecting your space in the line as you’re waiting for the right set to roll in is key to being accepted. And with such a huge expanse of beach to choose from, there’s room for everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned old sea-dawgs. Bottom line, this is Canada’s favourite place to surf, both coasts considered. The beach is extremely accessible with wicked waves available all year long, although winter still provides the best peeling surf. It’s well worth the rain and/or fog to experience the gorgeous 12-footers that pound the coastline at this time of year. But dress appropriately. Several surf shops in and around Tofino and Ucluelet provide all the rentals you’ll need – which will include boots and a hoody if you’re after winter waves. The ocean temperature sits at about 10 degrees Celsius this time of year. Even in the summer, it only rises about 5 degrees so never make the mistake of hitting the waves in your board shorts (despite their suggestive name). The waves might be righteous, but this ain’t Maui! In fact, most of the ocean rescues in the area are due to newbies paddling out to the break with nothing more than a pair of Bermuda shorts and a death-wish for hypothermia.

Has the roughest water you’ve experienced been in the Jacuzzi? No fear! Beginner surfers can take advantage of the fantastic instruction available through several companies. There are 3 surf schools in Tofino and 1 in Ucluelet, teaching everything from beach etiquette to board technique to basic wave science. And if you haven’t got the room to stow that rented gear for the drive here, rentals are available in the vicinity. Try Storm – The Tofino Surf Shop, your local home for all the gear and accessories you’ll need. It’s important to note that they’re located a few kilometres from the beach access so unless you don’t mind cutting your day on the water short to get your rentals back before close, it’s in your best interest to rent for several consecutive days.

Surf Sisters, a popular women-only camp is the only one of its kind in Western Canada that is sponsored by Billabong. Classes cater to ages and experience, teaching everything from the basics to specialized skills in a safe, fun environment. Packages include the Billabong Girls Surf Camp and the Billabong Teen Girls Camp as well as specialized packages such as the Yoga/Surf Camp and the Mother/Daughter Surf Camp.

The highlight of the Long Beach surf season is the annual contest hosted by the British Columbia Surfing Association (BCSA) held in June at nearby Cox Bay – an event that attracts dozens of serious surfers from all over.

Visit Vancouver Island’s West Coast this vacation and catch the ride of your life. Like we said, this ain’t Maui… and it ain’t California either. And we’re proud of that!

Access Vacation Group
Victoria British Columbia, Canada V9B 4C6
General Line International and Local: +1.250.483.6790
General Line Toll-free in U.S. & Canada: +1.866.800.8880
BC Surfing Accommodations

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How to Protect Your Car From Rusting Over the Winter

It’s December now on the East Coast. Fun cars are going away. They’re going into storage units, garages, under tents and heavy tarps, because winter is coming. California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada . . . you don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know what it’s like to have Mother Nature test you like Toriel. And like that obscure video game reference I just made, the only way you can win is not to fight. Breakthrough paint protection will protect your investment for many, many years.

Don’t take your car out in winter in Pennsylvania. You will loose. Our air is never dry. The show is wet and heavy, not that Park City, Telluride fluffy-stuff that is oh-so whimsical. No, East Coast snow compacts into ice and goes right for your wheel well, where the metal is nice and weak.

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and most other Northeast transportation departments for that matter, pre-salt roads in anticipation for snow. Pre-salting the roads is exactly what it sounds like. Dump trucks, filled with the brownest salt available, scatter the aggregate sodium chloride out the back via a sideways spinning hamster wheel.

Salt eats clear coat and causes corrosion. Even worse, when municipalities run out of road salt, they switch to a cheaper alternative: coal ash. Great, how much more carbon can you get? How about the black byproduct of 1,000 coal stoves and power plants?

The result of all this abuse from Mother Nature is that Pennsylvanians and other East Coasters are at the sword’s-tip of fanatical car care. Oh sure, there’s your California carnauba waxes and your pinkie-out water-less waxes. That nonsense is amateur-hour. The real technology is 3M clear wraps or, ceramic applications. That’s why I went to Urban Werks’ open house just south of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

I was able to sit down with Neil Maser, the owner of Urban Werks Garage and lean the modern way to keep your east coast car looking like a west coast car.

“Better than clear wraps is ceramic over-coating. The product also comes in variations which allows the undercarriage to be treated as well as your paint work, glass, and trim. It’s a liquid that goes on in stages, in layers. I mean, you need work fast because once you start, you have eight hours before whatever you applied to a vehicle cures and hardens,” said Maser.

I’m guilty of over-waxing cars because I am terrified of that first unexpected snowfall. Ceramic coating is different, though. “Ceramic coating replaces waxing. It goes on top of your clear-coat. It is a covalent bond to your paint as opposed to a physical bond like wax,” said Maser. “Once ceramic is bonded, it is five times stronger than your clear-coat alone.”

Maser showed me a bottle of “Ceramic Pro,” the product he uses. It was a small brown bottle about the size of a hotel shampoo bottle, “This is good for, at the very least, one or two cars,” said Maser.

“Just that?” I asked.

“Yea,” more if you have a smaller car like your Honda Fit. “It goes on in thin layers. One of the tests you can do with ceramic coatings, I saw a guy do this—the lighter test. He took the hard plastic end of a cigarette lighter and start pegging his car with it. He looked like he was leaving these huge gouges in the paint. And, with a rag, he just wiped them off, it blends itself back together so nicely.”

“How you do you bond clear ceramic to a car’s paint?” I ask.

“First you have to get all of the existing wax off. A mild solvent will do that, you just spray the car down. Then you need to get the top layer of the paint as clean as you can, clay it down. Then, with microfiber applicators, apply the liquid ceramic over everything, wheels and trim. Then, after each coat, there’s a forty-five minute wait time between coats. Again, between the base coat and the top coat, you have an eight-hour window before it all cures. It’s a nightmare if you miss that window and you have to take a layer off for whatever reason. You have to move.”

I think for a moment and say: “Say you did it to my Honda Fit. I use that thing all the time, in all weather. I drove it to Denver, down to Tampa around around Pennsylvania in the slush. How long can I expect ceramic to stay on?”

“Two layers will last you five years with general maintenance, which means: wash your car regularly and inspect your coating yearly. The coating includes a base cost and a top coat, which are different,” said Maser.

“Even with the mess? Will it yellow like a clear wrap might?”


“What is the price point?”

“It varies, based on how big your car is. I mean, A Ford-F250 is going to cost more to bake ceramic onto it than your Honda,” said Maser.

Maser gave me a tour of his shop, it is a 1960’s service station that still has the glass pump attendant booth out near where the gas pumps would have been. It’s storage now. Each bay is long and tall, enough to handle box trucks. “We use heat lamps in here to facilitate ceramic curing,” added Maser.

I left the Urban Werks’ open house thinking about 80’s cars—vehicles that lie between adored classics and modern vehicles that are still new. They’re out there, in yards or barns or half-finished in alleyways. The weather is pounding them and, often times, the builds are so budget that car-care or paint care isn’t part of the budget. What will become of them? What became of all the Ford Mavericks?

Ceramic coating is a good thing for any investment and I should be happy because it is going to keep the collector car market good for another ten years, especially for those with means to do it. I thought about Porches.

The good news is, because of the rotten East Coast weather, body and paint protection is advancing by the means of necessity.

A Practical Guide To The World Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is something you should not be taken lightly; it is a huge decision. This article can help you learn more about your cosmetic surgery a good option and suggest how to gather the knowledge to make the experience as painless as possible for you. We only use the most effective and modern tattoo removal Sydney machines so you’re in the best hands.

Make sure to ask any doctor you are considering to see a portfolio of past clients. Ask the plastic surgeon questions about the surgery, and inquire whether you can talk to past clients to learn more about what the experience is like. This will help you can be sure that he or she is the success rate of your doctor.

It is necessary to understand the recovery process involved before you to recover from plastic surgery.

Consider alternatives to surgery before proceeding with any cosmetic procedure.You may be able to find a solution to your problem without making permanent changes to your appearance or spending a lot of money. You might be able to get satisfactory results by simply using make-up, using cosmetics or using over-the-counter medications and other at-home remedies.

There are several risks that anesthesia is administered. One example is unusual or abnormal heart rates during the surgical procedure. This can happen when you have general anesthesia. This is due to a lower level of blood flood is slowed down by the anesthesia. This irregular heart beats.

Do some research on the location where your procedure is scheduled to take place.These places need to have a license or accreditation, regular inspection records should be available and they should have records of their accreditation. Even physician surgery offices must be registered and registered. Be sure that any place you will have surgery is up to date with your state requirements. You also want to make sure they do not have any negative history.

Remember that all surgeries are risks involved with any surgery. Be sure to discuss these risks in depth with your physician so you fully understand them. When you consider a cosmetic procedure, it is too easy to just forget about the risks involved.

Learn everything you can regarding the procedure you are considering. You should know everything about this procedure by the time you discuss it with this procedure when you meet with your surgeon. You can then ask relevant questions and should be able to spot any strange or misleading statements.

Respect the opinions of your surgeon. If your doctor does not feel right doing a certain surgery on you, there is most likely a very good reason why. You can get the opinion of a second surgeon if you disagree with your doctor. Doing these things can help ensure that any procedure you have done is safer for you.

Before committing to undergo cosmetic surgery, see if you can fix whatever you are unhappy with. While most cosmetic surgery is safe, there is still that small chance that something can go seriously wrong. Some problems can be solved through other, such as extra fat around your middle, can be treated in other ways.

Do not decide to have cosmetic surgery when you are having emotional time in your life. Recovering from surgery is tough and if you’re not in a good place in your mind, and emotional issues will prolong recovery and make it more difficult. Slow recovery time can affect your emotions negatively.

Make sure you have realistic hopes for your expectations are realistic. This is especially true if there are firmly rooted psychological problems with their body perception. Simply altering your appearance may not prove sufficient to alleviate such concerns. You need to look for professional psychological assistance to help specific to what you get perspective on your body perception issues.

Anyone contemplating cosmetic surgery should assess the effect it may have on their life. It is often wise to postpone surgery if the patient is experiencing great stress or major upheaval.

Find out if the license is legitimate and has not expired. This is easily done with a call to a state licensing agency. This information is free and it could aid you in being more confident when it comes to the physician you’ve chosen.

Learn how much and what type of anesthesia you will be under. This question is often forgotten but it is very important to ask for a variety of reasons. The type of anesthesia used will greatly affect how much pain you feel.

Ask your physician for an itemized list of all the charges before you will incur. This will help you prepare financially for it and hopefully avoid any unexpected bills. There also may be charges if something that are not included in the itemized breakdown. Make sure there are no additional fees by anyone else associated with the clinic or anesthesiologist.

You do not want someone who merely has chronological experience, not just a doctor who has been doing general surgery for a long time. Do not hesitate to find another doctor if you need to!

Make inquiries regarding the use antibiotics before surgery. Try and find out which specific medications you will need. Some will have restrictions on what you can and cannot eat and drink. Be aware of allergies you may be caused by antibiotics.

Don’t forget about personal hygiene in the months after your surgery is done. You might want to invest in a few additional products that will make cleaning easier. Sometimes people neglect this and have difficulty maintaining their hygiene.

Ask for photos of and after. You will be able to see the operation and a few other people. This will also help you know what you can expect from this surgeon.

Research as much as you can before deciding whether this kind of surgery is suitable for you. You need to know what the risks are, what risks you are facing, and any other questions related to the surgery. You should only make a decision once you are informed of surgical procedure.

It’s important to think about what you’re doing before you get cosmetic surgery. Getting plastic surgery done is often irreversible; don’t do anything you’ll regret later. Be sure to carefully think about it, rather than just jumping into it. Remember these tips for a more smooth plastic surgery experience.